Business philosophy:

『Innovation, quality and service. 』
We provide customized services, not just in accordance with the design of customer needs, but to provide more special design concepts to make the product more unique.



Technology and service:

In the console industry Sunrise has accumulated more than 10 years of experiences. We provide customers with the most efficient service to reduce customer complaints, in order to upgrade corporation image and help our customers to seize the market.

Innovation and Quality:

Sunrise owns not only very mature technology but also pay constantly attention to the market information and technology development. With that Sunrise helps customers to enhance the competitiveness in the market. The quality is the most important focus for Sunrise. From design, order incoming till shipments we go through series of inspection and testing to ensure product quality.

Sustainable development:

Any success of Sunrise cannot count as a real success. Only being successful with customers together can be seen as a real success. We look forward to working with you and grow you together.

We provide good welfare and working environment, as well as unlimited challenges and opportunities. Welcome you to join us.

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