Wifi /BT module

  • Sunrise provides relatives APPs, and also offer the APP customize service.

Wireless Heart Rate Receiver

  • Operating voltage range: DC 5V ~ 12V.
  • Receiving frequency: 5 KHz ± 10%.
  • Receiver distance range: 80-100 cm.
  • Good anti-interference capability.
  • Compatible with polar receiver's receive frequency.

Motor Gear

  • Operating voltage range: DC 5V ~ 12V
  • Direction: CW / CCW
  • Loading: 10KG
  • Stroke range: 10~24mm.
  • Life: at least 15,000 times (min) (min round trip travel to the maximum for the time).

Head Pulse Board

  • Operating voltage range: DC 2.6V ~ 5.5V.
  • A good anti-interference capability.
  • Detection signal output stability.
  • ESD (ESD) protection ± 6KV above (contact).
  • Integrated technology (ASIC) circuit design for sports equipment.
  • Electric treadmill with heart rate and other hand detection.

Heart Rate Ear Phones

  • Suitable for treadmill and fitness bike.

Hear Rate Ear Clamps

  • Suitable normal MP3, fitness equipment including MP3 and heart rated output.

Hall Sensor

  • Electrical characteristics:
(T=+25℃, Vcc=2.4V to 26V)
Symbol Tet conditions Min Typ Max Units
Supply voltage Vcc -- 2.4 -- 26 V
Output saturation
Vcc=12V, Ic=10mA
-- 0.2 0.6 V
Output leakage
Ileakage Vcc=12V. B<Brp -- <0.1 10 uA
Supply current Is(off) Vcc=12V.output open -- 3.0 6 mA