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SR Exhibition Information: 2024 CHINA SPORT SHOW

January 17,2024
Exhibition Date : 2024.5.23-2024.5.26 (Duration 4 days)
Exhibition :  Western China International Expo City 

 China SportShow is sponsored by the China Sporting Goods Industry Federation and undertaken by China Sports Federation (Beijing) Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd..  The China’s only national, international and professional sporting goods exhibition is the largest and most authoritative sporting goods event in the Asia-Pacific region.

 It is a shortcut for global sports brands to enter the Chinese market and an important window for Chinese sports brands to show their strength to the world. 

The comprehensive sports industry of sports goods, sports marketing resources, sports culture and technology is gathered on the platform of the sports expo. It is a booster for brand promotion and channel expansion of sports goods companies as well as an important channel for disseminating brand-new sports culture concepts.

Official website link: https://en.sportshow.com.cn/